Liquify Your Mineral Makeup!

Last week I very reluctantly admitted to myself that my beloved mineral foundation powder was not looking so good on my face. It was looking pretty ghoulish, actually - chalky and lifeless and settling into my little wrinkles. NOT GOOD! 

It slowly dawned on me that I'd have to make the switch to liquid foundation. But o wow, I so didn't feel like searching for a good one that won't clog my pores...

Well, I decided to try to turn my mineral foundation powder into liquid foundation. 

And O MY GOD it's SO FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! Seriously, this may be the single best beauty tip I've ever come across.

The coverage is flawless. The foundation has the best texture of any I've ever used. It feels light and clean, and it has hemp!

Here's how it's done:

1. Put a pinch of powder foundation in your palm;
2. Add a drop or two of hemp oil;
3. Blend it together;
4. Apply! 

Notes about the hemp oil: It's green, and your blend will most likely have a greenish tint. Don't be afeared! The greenishness of it goes away on your face, and covers redness! Yes it does! 

If you don't have a clogged pore problem, you can use a different kind of oil. Hemp is best for those of us with the clogged pore stuff going on (or if you have redness you want to cover). 

A pinch!

Two drops of hemp oil


Look at that coverage! Okay. Yes. I could have smoothed it in a little better, but STILL! LOOK!



  1. AMAZING Beth!!! I have been having the same problem with my mineral makeup, I am trying this out STAT!!

    Here's another fun mineral tip: add mineral eye shadow to clear nail polish, and you get the color, but it's matte!!

    Being that matte polish is really hot right now, and I have around 60 mineral shadows, I think I'm set.

    1. Girl. Trust me, you will NOT BE SORRY that you tried this. Honestly, I'm blown away by how awesome this is.

      Can you take photos of the nail polish idea? We could do a post together!!!

  2. The green gets rid of the red because they're opposite colors on the color wheel - they cancel eachother out :-)