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This is an all natural treatment for closed comedone acne. Simple recipes and tips (and the science behind them) to treat your clogged pores and closed comedone acne. BECAUSE IT WORKS. This completely natural, inexpensive regimen CURES YOUR CLOGGED PORES!

I know, because it worked for me.

This is the regimen that I have come up with to get rid of closed comedone acne (clogged pores and whiteheads). This is based on proper pH, increasing linoleic acid in sebum, and dissolving existing clogs. It took me YEARS to come up with this stuff. It took about four months of daily use for this to completely clear my face. I could not be happier with the results. 

Note: You can purchase a starter kit with everything you need to create two-months worth of your own products JUST as I describe them here. This will save you from having to track down all the ingredients!

In addition to a basic regimen, I've included some useful information on makeup and solving other skin problems without clogging the pores.

I've also included a link to an ingredients chart with comedogenicity ratings. This tells you how likely it is that a certain substance will clog your pores. It's based on a scale of 0 to 5. 0=unlikely to clog, 5=very likely to clog. Use this when choosing a new product to make sure it won't cause clogging!

Skin Care Basics (my regimen):

Most Days (morning and evening):


Days When I wear Makeup (evening):


Once a Month

(not the same week as the deep hemp oil cleansing) 

Additional Skin Care Recipes:

*Please note: this regimen is geared toward clearing up clogged pores on dry skin. I cannot vouch for this working on any other type of acne, although it couldn't hurt. None of the ingredients are damaging.