product review: tkb trading's mineral makeup kit

Do you want to make your very own mineral foundations, eyeshadows, blushes, and more? TKB Trading puts everything you need in one, relatively inexpensive kit and it's glorious!

Recently I've been thinking that I'd love to be able to do the makeup on the models I photograph for the shop. Mineral makeups seemed like the obvious choice, since they're not harmful to the skin, and I can make my own and blend colors to suit the skin tone of each model. YES! SOUNDS GREAT!

So after doing some internet research, I settled on this kit from TKB Trading. And it really does come with EVERYTHING you could possibly need, including all the tools and containers. They offer a vegan option, if you don't want to use beeswax (which is in some of the blush ingredients) and a talc-free option if you don't like to use talc.

So here it is in my home! So exciting!!! 

I created a foundation, blush, and color corrector on the first day. It took a couple of hours and was very fun. Posts and tutorials to come! 

  • The instructions were very clear;
  • It was super easy;
  • You receive a TON of the ingredients. 
    • Judging by the amount of raw ingredients I used to make three items, this should last me a year. No kidding.

I highly recommend this kit! (I'm putting it in red so you know I'm serious.)

note 1: I'm a spaz and lost one of the bags that came with it (because things just like to evaporate around here), so there will be no pictures of the cute little measuring spoons and other cool stuff they sent in this post. i will find this bag! i know i put it somewhere "safe!"

note 2: this stuff is messy.

containers, scale, coffee, and my phone. note how clean this table is.
the book. i don't like being referred to as an idiot, but i guess i'll live. also, table = clean.
all the ingredients for the bases.

measuring yellow oxide. you just need tiny bits of the colors!

grinding the minerals in my little mortar. feeling very alchemical.

grinding the color blend into the base blend. 
foundation! it's really smooth and matches my skin perfectly!



  1. this was a disaster! My daughter and my skin broke out right away. I did everything she said and it does not work! I talked to my dermatologist who is having to get my daughter out of this horrible breakout. She said all oil clogs. My daughters face is clogged ALL over. I am so upset because she had to go to school (first day of senior year) with terrible acne. I have asked for my money back and no one has contacted me.

    1. Ashley, you are discussing the hemp oil closed comedone starter kit, i believe. this regime takes several months to work, as is described in the listing and in all of the blog posts on the subject. hemp oil and salicylic acid can NOT cause clogs. you will continue to break out for several months. this is no secret. it is described fully here and in the kit itself.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. also, you only contacted me yesterday about the refund. i responded today. i respond to ALL customers within a day or two.

  2. Just because someones skin breaks out doesn't mean that grants a refund. Everyone is not going to react the same to all products and you need to test the products out first before using them.

    1. thanks, denyce! she didn't even give the hemp oil a chance to work! it takes more than a week!