love in the time of coronavirus: sheltering at the haddaway house
staying home is fun when you live in a place as wild and fantastic as this!

shelter from the coronavirus with us
at the albuquerque home
of photographer barbara forshay and sculptor ed haddaway.

carli and dakota's wild desert wedding

how perfect is this desert setting? 
join carli and ryan as they celebrate their love at the la cueva stone cabin at the base of the sandia mountains in albuquerque.

dress the dress! bohemian styling tips for your dream wedding

you've chosen the dress for your perfect day,
but how do you find the perfect accessories?

check out these styling tips from miri bridal to achieve your bohemian dream.

omar and catherine's island destination wedding

blue hair bride island wedding
the breath-taking south pacific island nation of vanatu is the setting for this
absolutely stunning beach wedding.

join omar and catherine on their perfect day, 
dramatically captured by photographer, valerie fernandez.

published! half blade and half silk: downtown santa fe

miri boheme was featured in faddy magazine this fall
with gorgeous santa fe model, tyra la forge.

a beautiful day, a beautiful model, and a beautiful location. 
check out these pictures! 

brittany and jacob's dreamy country wedding

equestrian wedding ranch cowgirl

soft golden light and the wide open spaces of the rockin w ranch 
provide the perfect backdrop for brittany and jacob's dreamy fall wedding.

be inspired by this gorgeous couple's perfect day, 
captured by west virginia photographer casey smith.

woodland fantasy photoshoot

there exists a secret place in the heart of the forest. 
there, naiads guard a green and golden world, where the fires of the sun set aglow the crystal waters and the trees whisper softly to the wind.

be inspired by these gorgeous woodland fantasy photos
by new mexico artist lauren shipman.