love in their hearts...

and music in their souls.

Get inspired by this bohemian-themed wedding by German photographer Derya Voelzke 
featuring a handmade crochet wedding dress by Miri Boheme.

This lush woodland meadow is a perfect setting for a magical, musical, bohemian wedding created by photographer Derya Voelzke and her amazing team. 

Follow our young lovers through this dreamy landscape of soft colors, golden light, and fields of wildflowers.

Sweet vintage details and gypsy jewelry evoke the romance of faraway places 
and the breathless adventure to come.



Concept & Planning: @deryavoelzke 
Models: @ella_cv & @x_dursti_x 
Hair & Make Up: @simonepoettgen 
Dress: @miri.boheme
Durstis Suit: @asos_de
Jewelry: Miguel Gerrado
Flowers: @kochanowa
Pottered goods: Anne Heidenreich
Silk ribbon: @seidenband
Dev & Scan: @carmencitalab •

How it happened:

one day i received a note from a photographer on an instagram post: 
"i would love to shoot these dresses!" 

after taking a look at her awesome photos, i said, 
"why not?"

then i found out the photographer lived halfway around the world in germany.

still, i thought, "why not?"

i took a chance and sent this perfect stranger one of my wedding dresses. 

wow. am i glad i did??? YES!!! these are some of the most beautiful wedding photos i've ever seen. i'm honored that Derya and her whole team gave so much of themselves to produce this gorgeous work of art. 

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