desert photography: featured in new face magazine

miri boheme is featured in the latest issue of 
new face magazine, the carefree vibes edition
with gorgeous new mexico model, emma alabama.

be inspired by this glorious desert fashion editorial.

when to pick english lavender

backyard photography nature abstract surreal purple green crown
it's june: the bees are buzzing and the lavender is in bloom.

when is the best time to harvest those intoxicating little flowers? 
what is best for the butterflies and bees?
what is best for the plant?

keep everyone happy! check out our guide below...

master style class and fashion photo shoot in the mountains of new mexico!

everything is blooming up here in the mountains, including the beautiful rose evans, mrs. new mexico!

we joined joshua halladay of halladay hair at the exclusive beauty chem and co salon for a styling class and photo shoot.

we got some great photos, including some behind the scenes. take a look!

backyard beekeeping: week 3 hive inspection
backyard beekeeping is really fun 
and a lot less painful than you might think!

watch our third-week hive inspection. 
we need to make sure the queen is working...

caftans are trending

caftans are back and we couldn't be happier!

flowing bohemian awesomeness with a great 70s vibe. 
check out these gorgeous styles!