woodland fantasy photoshoot

there exists a secret place in the heart of the forest. 
there, naiads guard a green and golden world, where the fires of the sun set aglow the crystal waters and the trees whisper softly to the wind.

be inspired by these gorgeous woodland fantasy photos
by new mexico artist lauren shipman.

the prettiest fall jackets

beautiful golden colors are sweeping across the desert and the nights are getting cool.

keep your free-spirited, bohemian style going right into fall

and stay warm with these perfect little silk jackets!

decades of democracy: anne mccormack

Meet the fabulous Anne McCormack: 
democrat, feminist, activist, wife, and MOM

As a young woman in the 1960s, Anne turned her frustration with the status quo
into a decades-long career in politics. 

She continues to serve her community with passion and dedication, even after retiring! 

Read more about Anne's journey - 
written by her formerly-ungrateful and now-humbled eldest child.

homemade cleansing grains: diy herbal exfoliant


herbs and flowers are flourishing in the garden this year.

here's a recipe for stimulating cleansing grains
using all home-grown ingredients and a coffee grinder!

desert photography: featured in new face magazine


miri boheme is featured in the latest issue of 
new face magazine, the carefree vibes edition
with gorgeous new mexico model, emma alabama.

be inspired by this glorious desert fashion editorial.

when to pick english lavender

backyard photography nature abstract surreal purple green crown
it's june: the bees are buzzing and the lavender is in bloom.

when is the best time to harvest those intoxicating little flowers? 
what is best for the butterflies and bees?
what is best for the plant?

keep everyone happy! check out our guide below...