Friday, July 15, 2016

rock and roll photo shoot for fall 2016

indoor fashion photo shoot with four models. rock and roll style fashion editorial!

four awesome models (Zeona Rae Lewis, Mikaela Janee, Spacoli, and Larry Garcia); one awesome hair stylist (Joshua Halladay); one awesome makeup artist (KayLynn Aragon); and two photographers (me and my lovely man, Bosley Gravel)...

This shoot was INDOORS at the beautiful Downtown Contemporary Gallery in downtown Albuquerque. No lights were needed because the studio is drenched in sunlight at all times during the day, being on a corner and facing southeast, east, and south...

I've edited all of these in photoshop. i feel like i'm finally starting to get the hang of post-production... my goal is to create a series of photos with a cohesive look that will be compelling on my shop website. i went with a magenta/gold color scheme that i'm loving. 

the world is a scary place right now. editing these photos, gazing at these models' beautiful faces is very soothing...

xxx enjoy!



Monday, June 6, 2016

street fashion photo shoot with mikaela the muse

my fave shot of the day

outdoor fashion photography in beautiful sunny weather with a beautiful and talented model makes life easy!

taking fashion to the streets with the absolutely stunning and hilarious mikaela janee, who has become my muse.

her awesome new hair is being done by Joshua Halladay. it's apparently quite a long and involved process to take dark hair to this beautiful ginger. 

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my goal was to shoot a bunch of photos that would be appropriate for the shop catalog (back, front, and side views with a clear depiction of the garment), but that would also be interesting enough for social media. 

the concept is an edgy urban boho chica.

mikaela, naturally, nailed it.

this set was shot at 2:00 in the afternoon against a south-facing white brick wall. 

these photos have been peachified in post for a graphic and slightly retro look.

issues, lessons learned: MAKE SURE THE BASE TOP FITS THE MODEL! no pins. this required lots of tedious photoshopping.

also, the boots did not work and had to be cropped out, which i wanted to avoid as i wanted full body shots for this set.

that's all! everything else was awesome. <3 font="">

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

photo shoot with kymberlee

an outdoor fashion photo shoot with the lovely kymberlee wearing the latest Miri boheme creations! 

i've been doing so many photo shoots the past few months i've barely had time to edit or post!

here's a set with the beautiful, funny, very cool kymberlee joelle boettcher.

kymberlee brought a modern/mod vibe to this shoot. i added a pink glow to the finished photos and i absolutely LOVE them.

this was shot outside at 2:00 in the afternoon in front of a white adobe wall here in albuquerque.

one of my fave photos ever.

channeling audrey hepburn???

instagram has gone CRAZY over this hair!

kymberlee in motion!