rebel girls on film

no matter which road you choose...

dance to your heart's content.

fringe! how to store it.

fringe crochet dresses miri boheme

fringe! we like it! we love it! especially long fringe. but we know it can get really tangly really fast. it does not look good.

how do we stop it from happening in the first place?

guess what. it's easy!

freshen your fringe! How to make long silk fringe look like new.

Fringe! It's glorious! It's wild and free! It's Stevie Nicks!

But o my god does it get tangled and funky looking? Yes it does. And tangled leads to wrinkled. And there's nothing worse than tangly, funky, wrinkly fringe.

You need to freshen that fringe.

rock and roll photo shoot for fall 2016

indoor fashion photo shoot with four models. rock and roll style fashion editorial!

street fashion photo shoot with mikaela the muse

my fave shot of the day

outdoor fashion photography in beautiful sunny weather with a beautiful and talented model makes life easy!

photo shoot with kymberlee

one of my fave photos ever.
beautiful kymberlee in an urban boho photoshoot in the bright sunshine.

the significance of textiles

Textiles are a powerful symbol of cultural and individual identity.