Friday, July 15, 2016

rock and roll photo shoot for fall 2016

indoor fashion photo shoot with four models. rock and roll style fashion editorial!

four awesome models (Zeona Rae Lewis, Mikaela Janee, Spacoli, and Larry Garcia); one awesome hair stylist (Joshua Halladay); one awesome makeup artist (KayLynn Aragon); and two photographers (me and my lovely man, Bosley Gravel)...

This shoot was INDOORS at the beautiful Downtown Contemporary Gallery in downtown Albuquerque. No lights were needed because the studio is drenched in sunlight at all times during the day, being on a corner and facing southeast, east, and south...

I've edited all of these in photoshop. i feel like i'm finally starting to get the hang of post-production... my goal is to create a series of photos with a cohesive look that will be compelling on my shop website. i went with a magenta/gold color scheme that i'm loving. 

the world is a scary place right now. editing these photos, gazing at these models' beautiful faces is very soothing...

xxx enjoy!



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