stoned meadow of doom

The best damn channel..and that's the bottom line..cause Stoned Meadow SAID SO!!

The very first thing I do when I get to work is tune in with Stoned Meadow of Doom.
I have never once been disappointed.

Every. Single. Day.

This man posts an album on his youtube channel, Stoned Meadow of Doom. Sometimes it's a brand new album, sometimes it's old, and sometimes it's WICKED old. He calls the music doom/stoner, i would add the word, "psychedelic," but that's just me.

...and every single one of them is mind-blowingly good. Like, seriously good.

His growing band of loyal and knowledgeable followers remarks on this phenomenon in the comments section:

  • Stoned Meadow of Doom should be some kind of religion
  • He's the light and the leader of might.
  • I can't like everything... can I?


Here's the man responsible.

With almost 183k followers and over 30 million views, SMOD is the most successful channel of its genre on YouTube! The community building up around this channel is intensely loyal and is willing to give a listen to anything SMOD posts This is GREAT for bands that might otherwise fly under the radar. A spot on SMOD guarantees bands tens of thousands of views (no exaggeration) and garners them fans and engagement that they might otherwise never have access to. 

as observed by a recent commenter:

  • you can't do wrong by playing 80's heavy metal guitar solos, right? also, I came here to get my daily dose of "OMG FUCKING AMAZING" comments fucking amazing band, fucking amazing channel!

In addition to running this most excellent music channel, this man does MANY many other things.

Yeah I am one busy dude. I actually have even more in plan for the near future. I've got plans to start a record label and launch my official professional website to run the label and sell shirts and other merch. A lot of big things in the works!

And here's my favorite part. A festival. Yes, this man is putting on his second annual Stoned Meadow of Doom Festival. Amazing.

From their website:

Stoned Meadow of Doom Fest (smodfest music festival) is bringing 26 bands from all over the United States to the city of Sioux Falls, SD for 2 amazing nights of music. Artists featured on these lineups are the very best independent,underground rock and metal acts to date. Emphasizing both signed and unsigned artists.


Judging by how SMOD describes his work, the underlying theme is assisting bands who otherwise might not be heard. Music lovers are important, but SMOD is equally (if not more?) focused on helping musicians. As a former musician, I can tell you that it is VERY hard to get ANY kind of break, much less one this great. Of course this was a few weeks before the advent of the internet, so youtube wasn't a thing back then. But MAN we would've given anything to have the kind of exposure offered by SMOD. It's more helpful to a band than many people even realize.

The Festival is presented and organized by Battling Giants Entertainment. A company that specializes in event coordination and promotions for artists looking to connect to venues and independent music professionals across the United States.

See? Helping artists connect!

*Also, the sheer genius move of developing the channel to this level, getting the festival going, and THEN starting a record label cannot be overstated. Most new record labels struggle for years to develop an audience. SMOD's is ready made, and very enthusiastic.

And of course SMOD wants the fans to have an unforgettable experience:

Bigs Bar is the home of Stoned Meadow of Doom Fest 2017. Interchanging sets with an indoor and outdoor stage with music starting at 5pm and lasting till 2:00 am. With its friendly staff, along with impeccable sound, the venue is a perfect home for an intimately heavy experience. This festival will leave you wanting more year after year.

Follow him here (I would follow him anywhere!):

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Finally, in the wise words of SMOD, "Doom on my friends!" 
I know I will.

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